We Made It!

With a convoluted start-up to our 2016-2017 year, I am proud to say we made it through our first two performances. Our first was a mini-concert with our Music Association’s AGM tucked into the middle. It was a rocky start but only one group meets daily and some meet only weekly so have had as few as 4 rehearsals to prepare.

Instruments are starting to come back from cleaning and the music library is slowly starting to get cleaned up. That will be a lengthy process. That said, numbers are up in all ensembles and we have approximately 40 students in the music program this year!

There are at least two trips being planned. The big trip is for all music students to travel to Vancouver at the beginning of Spring Break to perform and take in performances.  It promises to be a great opportunity for the group to bond tightly as well.  The second trip is for the senior band only. We are hoping to take them to Edmonton to see the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra perform Pixar music with the films playing in the background. I am also hoping to take the choir to ChoralFest this year but have not started planning for that yet.

Our Winter Concert will be formatted similar to last year with Dance, Art, Drama, and Music sharing the evening. Our poinsettia fundraiser will be delivered that day so will be a pretty backdrop and people can take their flowers home at the end of the evening!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  I’m easiest to reach by email but do return phone calls.

Joanna Torguson, Music Director

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