Happy New Year!

We have accomplished so much in a very short period of time. I can’t wait to get back to school and see everyone again. We have just two short weeks to rehearse before exams begin. And, when the new semester starts, Band 20-30 will move to Fridays from 3-5pm. It was a challenge to find a new time due to the musical taking place this spring. After exploring several options, this seemed to be the best situation for most.

Our music library is coming along nicely and our instruments are starting to come back. The new chimes we ordered are on back-order but will make a lovely addition to our percussion section when they arrive.

Student Advisory Panel members should check the calendar on the instrument storage room for meeting dates. We’ll usually be meeting on the first Monday of each month.

Edmonton Pixar Concert
Band 20-30 will be heading to Edmonton over the Family Day weekend in February. Your one and only payment of $175 is due January 16 (if I recall correctly). Official and detailed permission forms will be available soon.

Vancouver Trip
All groups are eligible to go on this performance tour of Vancouver, BC. In addition to taking in a special musical performance and touring the amazing Orpheum Theatre, we’ll be offering two performances of our own! Of course, there will be more highlights as well such as the aquarium, Granville Island, and more. The trips $1250 cost was broken to 4 roughly equal payments. Fundraising can be used to offset costs and should be utilized if needed! If there is financial difficulty, please contact the director privately. The goal is to take everyone on the trip!

Joanna Torguson, Music Director

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