Weekend Roadtrip

Every year the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra performs a concert along with movie animation. This year they performed excerpts from Pixar movies. It was a great trip that we had looked forward to since October. The students chose to take a Sparksman bus to save money and we were lucky enough to get an Executive Shuttle which was far more comfortable than we anticipated being. After a day at the mall we had dinner together at the Spaghetti Factory then were whisked away to the concert. Our seats were great – we had an excellent view of the conductor and all the instruments.

At intermission some of us went to see the instruments and got to speak with one of the percussionists. He told us they only had 2 days to rehearse this concert! After the concert we got to meet Michael Massey, the keyboard player – and our teacher’s piano teacher. It was a short trip but we learned a lot – the metronome and timing markings on the conductor’s display, some new instruments, that harps have pedals, and how cool a bass trombone is. We will definitely be looking at doing this again.

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