I love taking groups to Vancouver. It is such a pretty place with amazing scenery – and so much to do!

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Highlights of the trip included

  • conquering our fear of flying (at least a little bit)
  • playing a concert for Chalmers Lodge and meeting Ada (who, before paved roads moved to Fort McMurray from Japan)
  • hitting the beach at Kitsilano
  • meeting buskers and being tourists at Granville Island
  • seeing the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra play the entire Harry Potter Film!
  • having a workshop at University of British Columbia and playing in the rose garden
  • Checking out Aberdeen Mall and Daiso on our way to Steveston and Georgia Cannery
  • playing a concert for False Creek Elementary school
  • spending time in Stanley Park and the aquarium
  • enjoying Cinderella the Musical at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Travel is such an important part of music education and these kids got to experience a lot! They know how to pack to bring instruments, to take care of their own instruments, how to work together to set up, perform, and take down quickly. They’ve bonded into a tight family. They’ve seen musicians at work in a variety of placed – including street corners. Much of this simply would not have been possible if we had stayed home.

I’m already looking ahead to 2017-2018. So far Sun Peaks Cantando Festival and Niagara have come to mind. Internationally politics are still a bit volatile so staying in Canada is our best choice.  If you have somewhere you think we should go, please let me know!

Mrs. Torguson

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