We are quickly approaching  the end of the year and I am so proud of what we have accomplished. Students are so much more confident and a lot more capable as musicians. I am able to give them more difficult repertoire than we began with. It shouldn’t be surprising as that is the goal. Still, it makes me happy to see it actually happen.

YFullSizeRenderesterday we were privileged to tour some of our elementary schools to give short mini-concerts alongside Ecole McTavish. We had a blast playing for the kids and getting to know our Jr. High up-and-coming Westwood students better. We were able to show the variety of instruments we  play including 3 sizes of saxophone. Favorite moments included comparing the height of a small child to the bari-sax, rocking along to McTavish’s choir, and kids spontaneously singing along to Uptown Funk.

Our little tour yesterday was a warm-up for what I hope will be an annual event – Music Fun Day and Buddy Concert.  We are inviting elementary music students to come out for some music games and activities. Following lunch, we will have rehearsal for our late afternoon Buddy Concert. This will be music that everyone has learned and practised on their own and is rehearsed just hours before it is performed!  As well, it will serve as Westwood’s year-end concert where we “pin” our graduating musicians.

It has been a privilege working with these talented musicians. They’ve worked hard and I hope our final concert is huge and well attended. They deserve to show off and have a little fun!

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