Welcome back!

Welcome back for 2017-2018. A new year brings new students even as we lose our recent graduates to adulthood. I’m very proud of Noah, Conner, and Owen. Good luck with all the adulting you’re about to do!

So far this year, we have 74 enrollments in the four music classes we offer. There is fluctuation, and this also does not reflect the actual number of students in the program as many will do a combination of Band, Jazz, Rock & Pop, and/or Choir.

Speaking of Rock & Pop – it is official, we are now offering a 5 credit course in how to put together your own band. This could be a duo, singer-songwriter, one-person show, whatever!  And of course we didn’t forget the techs. Sound and audio techs are also welcome to take this course.

Band 10-20-30 is Block 4, Day 1 all year long
Jazz is Monday after school from 3-5pm in the theatre
Rock & Pop is Tuesday after school from 3-5pm in Studio Y
Choir (Glee) is Wednesday after school from 3-5pm in Studio Y

Our first performance of the year will be our annual “Honks and Squeeks” concert and AGM. It has been moved to October 17 at 7pm in the Theatre. It is early in the year for a formal performance but we tuck in an AGM meeting for our funding booster parent group so it is important for all to attend!  There are positions to fill but we have a lot of fun in the Board meetings. And, you’ll get to spend time each month with me!

Also to look forward to is our December 2nd market. We’ll need all students for that day as well. We set the tables out on Friday. On Saturday we help vendors in with their stuff, man a canteen, and provide entertainment. When its all over, we do an intense clean so that people wouldn’t even know we were here!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me. My schedule is very full and complicated and I work in several classrooms. Email is the best way to connect.

Joanna Torguson, Music Director

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