Choral Music 10-20-30


  1. Hearing Health & What is a Choir?   ERASG      Due November 9
  2. Vocal Warm Ups  GSHBA   Due December 15
  3. Voice Classification   MXUJR    Due February 2
  4. Choral Music History  QMIZJ    Due  March 30
  5. Bel Canto  TNSPF    Due May 4


Winter Break

Please take some time to enjoy your break – but don’t forget we have a concert right away when we get back.  I will be planning the concert on the beach so don’t have completely firm details. The concert (as listed in your Program Outline Booklet) is January 12 at 7pm.  You will need to be at the school for 6pm. Attire is all black with a silver vest that the school provides.  Please review with your parents the policies for missing the concert – being excused, no-shows, etc.  And, look ahead to future dates and make sure you’re available!!!!!!!

We are singing:


Here are the links to practice tracks   I did mess up (of course, eyeroll…) some of the recordings. If you managed to record them, please email them to me!  I will post them here. Let’s help each other out.

  • Glee Themes will be announced when we are back!