Course Viewbook

Music At WW Students will have opportunities to participate in trips, tours, festivals, and concerts. Travel is an important part of the course. Because of this, there are ongoing fundraising efforts organized by the Music Parents Association.


Concert Band 10-20-30 – Learn an instrument and play in the band! This performance based class allows you to play in a traditional symphonic wind band. Areas of study include small and large ensemble performance, technique, theory, and listening. A minimum of 1-2 years experience on a traditional wind band instrument is recommended.


 Vocal Ensemble (Choir/Glee) 10-20-30 – Like to sing? This performance based class allows you to sing in a group. You’ll learn and develop vocal technique, listening, and music reading skills. Repertoire spans all genres and time periods from Renaissance to modern Pop music. No previous musical experience is required.


Jazz Band 15-25-35 – Explore jazz music in this fun after-school course. You’ll learn about jazz greats, improvisation, and jazz theory and technique. A minimum of 2 years experience on guitar, piano, bass, drums, or a wind instrument is recommended. Jazz instrumentation is specific so spaces may be limited and auditions required if there is high demand.


Rock & Pop 15-25-35(new) –Rock and Pop is a new course for 2017. Students focus on instrument technique and learning to play and perform for several shows in rock bands. Experienced musicians and technicians form bands that may rehearse and play together throughout the year. Previous music training is not required but is recommended. A minimum of 1 years experience on guitar, piano, bass, drums, vocals is recommended.



Guitar 10-20-30 –Strum chords and learn great riffs in this acoustic course. Students will develop and theoretical understandings in relation to the guitar and learn to read both traditional and tablature notation. No previous guitar skills are required.

Note: The Course Outline for Guitar 10-20-30 is available from Mr. Chris Terry and is not the same as the “Music At WW” Course Outline.