Jazz Band 15-25-35

Musicians and Hearing Health   ICQND

  1. Roots of Jazz  KLXNT – overdue!
  2. Blues & Ragtimedue before Christmas break.
  3. Dixieland and Big Band – due in January
  4. BeBop, Cool Jazz, Hard Bop – due in March after Teacher’s Convention
  5. Fusion & Free Jazz – due in April
  6. Jazz Today and Tomorrow – due in May

For January!!

  • Red Book: work through to the St. Louis Blues pages – workup toward the full band arrangement
    • It Don’t Mean A Thing (if it ain’t got that swing)
    • Mood Indigo
    • Tequila
  • Sugar Plum Swing
  • Spider Man
  • Green Onions – get this to “Tequila” perfection so we can play with it!
  • Uma Thurman